Our Machines

Some of the machines used by JPV Mulching are trackhoes, a tracked vehicle with a backhoe arm, and are configured with hydraulically driven mowers on the end of the arm. This enables use on slopes, around wet areas, between and around big trees, and in rocky areas because the hoe can reach down slopes, across wet ground, between trees to take out specific trees leaving others, and the operator can see obstructions and can manipulate the mower around them with the hoe. These trackhoe machines can reach heights that other mowers cannot reach, and they can selectively eliminate trees and brush on bad terrain and among big trees. We have a stump cutter that is attached to a trackhoe, usually on our Daewoo, and it is ideally suited for fast, economical, stump removal down to, or below, ground level.

All of the JPV Mulching trackhoes have 36-inch wide pads on their tracks, enabling them to function with minimal soil disturbance because of their relatively low ground pressure. One of the trackhoes is smaller and lighter than the others, enabling it to be used where tight spaces and maneuverability are a factor. Although smaller and more maneuverable, this trackhoe is powerful enough to clear brush and trees fast and well. The larger trackhoes, although less maneuverable than the smaller one, have a longer reach, and are particularly useful where long reach is needed, such as on the banks of a pond or stream.

Before & After Clearing:


Often times the flexibility and maneuverability of a trackhoe is not needed, but high volume and speed are. That’s where the JPV Mulching articulated front-end mower comes into play. With 250 horsepower and an amazing 8-foot wide mower/mulcher, this machine can mow down and mulch trees and underbrush at an amazing rate, and it can chew through trees of any diameter. Because of its size, power and capacity, the use of this tool costs more per hour than competitors with smaller machines, but in the long run, it is actually more economical because of its high capacity and overall efficiency.

Land developers find that use of the JPV Mulching articulated front-end mower can be particularly valuable because of the cost of tree removal by traditional means. When land needed to be cleared for development, trees were pushed over, loaded on trucks, and hauled off for disposal. The expense of hauling and disposal can be eliminated at considerable savings by bringing in JPV Mulching to dispose of trees on site. It may still be more economical and efficient to push the trees over, but instead of loading and hauling them, simply push them into windrows and JPV Mulching will mulch them on the spot. The mulch debris can be redistributed for landscaping and erosion control, or simply left in place. No more trucking costs and disposal fees, and the time and risk that goes with them.

753J John Deere Trackhoe-Mower

Our John Deere Trackhoe is smaller and lighter, but still has plenty of power for the job. It is configured with a 5′ mower on a 28′ reach boom and 131 hp dedicated to the mower.

726M Tigercat Frontend-Mower

Our Tigercat articulated front-end skidder has a huge 8-foot wide mower, and 250 hp, for knocking out bigger jobs in shorter time.

60G John Deere Amphibious Mower

Our Amphibious machine is perfect for wetlands and swampy areas.  The tracking pontoons measure 12′ across and 22′ in length.  The mover has a 100 hp power unit dedicated to it and has a 16′ reach boom.

822C and 822D Tigercat Trackhoe – Mower

Our 822C and 822D Tigercat Trackhoes, 300hp and 310hp respectively, are ready to attack any size job. Both have a unique JPV-designed articulated mower which enables the mower to rotate sideways and literally mulch a tree before it can hit the ground.

M540 Menzi Muck

This machine is good for steep slopes and mountainous terrain.  The boom has a 20′ reach, and it is equipped with a synchronized winch for safety.

ASV RT-120 Skid Steer

This machine is perfect for smaller spaces. It can be equipped with a 6′ mulching head or a bush hog attachment.